radan systems

Radan Systems Pte Ltd was established in 1983, specializing in providing CAD/CAM solutions to the local Construction Manufacturing industries.

Radan progressed from supplying CAD or CAM systems to become the pioneer CAD software developer in Singapore. With accolades such as " Asean Developer of the Year 1993"  by AutoDesk Inc. and being the foremost developer of an architectural CAD system for automated electronic Plan Checking, Radan is truly a leader in CAD development worldwide, one such example is AutoNEST, computer aided plate nesting software.

The underlying philosophy of Radans products is to provide a quantum increase in productivity for the user. The products excel in addressing the needs of the users with a far surpassing solution.

Radans products are distributed in worldwide through a network of VARs and OEMs. These channels of distribution cover from North America, Europe to Japan and South East Asia.

Radan Systems provides a range of products targeted for the Manufacturing and AEC industries.

AutoNEST       Automatic flat pattern nesting of irregular shapes

CP Manager
    Automatic linear nesting of bars, steel sections, pipes...etc on MS-Excel.