Tekla BIMsight

Tekla BIMsight is a professional tool for construction project collaboration. All disciplines of the construction workflow can combine their models, check for clashes, markup and share information using the same easy-to-use 3D environment. The tool enables project participants to identify and solve issues already in the design phase before the actual construction.

The award-winning* Tekla BIMsight is FREE to download and distribute through the internet. Hundreds of thousands of people in the construction industry have already taken Tekla BIMsight in more than 170 countries. 

Award-winning Tekla BIMsight:

  • Gold Baltimat innovation award 2011, Paris/FR
  • 2011 Hot Product Overall Winner Modern Steel Construction US; World of Concrete 2012
  • Most Innovative Product, Choice of Experts in the Business Tools and Software category

So, what are you waiting for? Improve the way you work today by Downloading now - for free!

Main usage:

  • One platform for all project members for live collaboration
  • Combine models from different disciplines into a single project model
  • Avoid conflicts on-site by running automated clash detection
  • Share and communicate issues and other valuable information instantly

See how others use Tekla BIMsight in real projects and see how Tekla BIMsight can be used on-site.

*See Comparison sheet of Tekla BIMsight and other software